Our Story

"Installing and wearing a beautiful wig has become such a big part of my life over the last few years so the idea for Hair Majesty stemmed from a very specific feeling I experienced every time I had a wig installed. 

It gave me the feeling that "I can conquer anything and everything" and I truly saw it as my personal reminder that I am a queen and this hair is my crown, hence the name Hair Majesty. 
I'm big on research when it comes to starting my businesses, so It's been years of me trying new hair styles, testing different colors, lengths and constantly pushing boundaries. Through this, I was receiving massive interest and requests for me to start my own brand,  So if anything,  this was a way of me listening to my audience and answering their request. 
Whether I'm creating music or working on new business ventures, my objective to inspire and empower other woman always has to come through and I feel that this was the perfect opportunity for me to explore a new industry whilst reminding woman to feel like the queens they are, on a daily basis.
For me, if I can achieve that, I've already succeeded"
DJ Zinhle - May 2021