Wig Customisation Services

Customizing your lace wig is the best way to make your hairline look as natural as possible which basically means that the hair in the front of your wig will look like it is growing out of your scalp.
Wig Customisation involves two main processes:
1. Bleaching your hairline - this makes the knots look more natural
2. Plucking of your Hairline - this gives the hairline a more natural looking appearance as the hair is evenly shaped
Both of these processes should only be done by trained professionals as if they are not properly done they can actually damage your wig. 
Wig Customisation Services
We offer wig customisation as a service for online orders or you have the option of visiting our Mall of Africa branch if you prefer discussing the customisation with one of our stylists first.
The bleaching of the knots allows the small dark bulbs used when sewn in, to look almost invisible and achieve a natural look to your wig. It creates a scalp like illusion so that it is easy to style the hair which ever way you want to. This is applied to the closure of the wig. Adding a thick consistency of bleach, making sure not to burn the wig by leaving the product on for too long. 
Plucking the wig is essential. This makes sure that the hairline has a smooth transition throughout the hairline area, thus allowing you to easily part your wig and easy styling. Quick and easy, this is the best way to get a wig customised. Pre plucked hairlines also allow you to easily style the hairline area and get more of a 'growing from your scalp' look.  

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